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Shea Cook


Name: Shea Cook

Age: 30

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 6 months

What was your athletic/exercise background prior to doing CrossFit? Powerlifting

How did you get started with CrossFit? 

The head trainer Evan had a major impact on me starting CrossFit. After Evan put me through my first workout, I was hooked.

Describe the improvements / changes you’ve seen since starting CrossFit: 

Overall strength and endurance and the drive to never quit a workout in the middle. 

What are your fitness goals in the next 6 months?

Gain lean muscle and increase stamina. 

Describe your ideal workout/exercises: 

Dead-lifts, Pull-ups, and Push-ups

Any advice for new CrossFitters?

Never quit in the middle of a workout push yourself to the end.

What do you love most above CrossFit Bullpen?

The workouts normally aren’t longer than a 1 hour.


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